Stern Center for Research Computing

New York University • Leonard Stern School of Business


  • Large Scale Distributed Processing for Heavy input/output Intensive Jobs

    The Center now has a pilot Hadoop cluster running which can be used for large i/o intensive workloads. This infrastructure is an open source version (supported by Yahoo) of the Google infrastructure and tools that are used to handle the massive amounts of  data that Google processes each day. In this environment, a data file [...]

  • Cloud Computing Comes to Stern

    The Stern Center for Research Computing now has 3 large servers providing a cloud computing environment for Stern researchers. Researchers needing specialized servers can have them quickly implemented in the cloud, without purchasing new hardware. We now have about 20 virtual servers running in the Stern Cloud. Any intel based OS can generally be supported, [...]

  • SAS Enterprise Miner installed on

    An add-on to SAS has been purchased by members of the IOMS Department. It has a graphics interface to the SAS Data Mining Procedures. Users wishing to use it need to have their account enabled by Dan Graham (

  • New GPU server promises dramatic increases in Matlab performance

    A new server has a 240 processor Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) attached which allows Matlab code to run about 10 times faster than on non-GPU servers.